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Your parents agreed to let you stay home by yourself for the evening.

You're very proud but you don't like the weird noises coming from the basement. Also, the electricity is acting up. 

Better keep that flashlight close by, just in case.

***Please note***

The game is very early in development! Gameplay elements are added regularly but don't expect a very satisfying experience just yet. You can read my devlogs below and even look at my Trello board to know what has been added and what's coming up. I'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions to improve the game!

Thank you,



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Version 3

Development log


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Looking forward for this game very well done 👍👍👍

Gameplay starts at 7:37. I highly doubt I completed this and it oddly updated as I played, but the concept from what I understood is very cool! I will say like someone else said is at one point I heard the tv in the basement and about had a heart attack. Well done!

Hey man thank you very much for giving it a try, I enjoyed watching your video! 

Sorry for the confusion though, the game is very early in development! I'm slowly adding gameplay elements to it and post devlogs every release (3 so far). I'm just surprised I get so many downloads, no idea how people find the game at all! I'll add a note in the description so players don't expect a full experience.

Sorry if there wasn't much going on, hopefully you come back later to play the finished product! If I manage to make it as intended it should be a fun and replayable 10 minutes-ish experience. 

I enjoyed it, and I'll definitely be back. I have no doubt you will come out with something awesome with this one!

Hey Grave Danger Games -

Game was cool. As you are aware, once you go into the basement you get stuck. Originally, I thought it was the door closing and locking me in. I enjoy the spooky vibe (I remember when I was kid, hearing all the random noises home alone) - One part that got me was in the basement, the tv audio can be heard which I thought something coming down stairs! haha. Pretty cool though, hope to see more! Good stuff.


Hehe thanks for the kind words! Glad you like the house, that's all there is for now! I'm working on the new door as I'm writing this. For the TV sound through the floor I'm trying to figure out how the audio occlusion works in UE4, it's a little tricky.

The two doors in garage only open once, and ever again, leaving the player stuck.

Yes, those two behave weirdly, I think it's related to the fact that you're standing slightly below them. I'm currently working on upgrading the door system. Thanks for your feedback! 

The doors were fixed in Version 2!